Valeri Consulenza Industriale
Valeri Industrial Consulting
Consultancy and research in applied sciences

The Valeri Consulenza Industriale has been involved in research and consultancy in the field of applied sciences, according to an interdisciplinary, since it rarely, nowadays, a problem can be tackled and resolved in a satisfactory manner and complete remaining in a single discipline.

Therefore, the activities of the Valeri Consulenza Industriale is "enlarged" from chemistry to physics, to biology, to materials science, to technological sphere in general.

The Valeri Consulenza Industriale offers its support of research and consultancy in all areas where the scientific inquiry it becomes useful and necessary to the solution of specific problems, when the only ordinary skills of a domestic company or a public body are not sufficient to give an answer to a new problem, or to whom it was not possible to give a satisfactory solution.


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